How does it work?

Learn how meteoNautics works


meteoNautics is run by volunteers, called Virtual Flight Service Specialists (vFSS), who create high quality Weather Information for Online Flight Simulation Networks. Our Services go alongside with what Pilots or Online Virtual Air Traffic Controllers already use.

If you know how Virtual Online Air Traffic Control works then this process is quite similiar. Our Virtual Flight Service Specialists set themselves "Online" for a particular Flight Information Region (FIR) or Airport. While they are online they create Custom Advisories or Nowcasts for the area they are responsible for, among a few other Meteorological related tasks requested by either Pilots or ATC Controllers.

Communicating with vFSS

You don't have to communicate with us at all actually. Our Custom Advisories or Nowcasts simply just show up on our Flight Trackers. At the current moment, there are a few ways to communicate with our Virtual Flight Service Specialists while they are online. We support the Hoppy ACARS system, which is already in use by many of the popular Aircraft Addons. Just send a message to: METEON right within the Cockpit of your Aircraft. Alternatively, you can also use the Chat button on the lower right hand side of the website that is going to be showing when somebody is Online or use the Text/Voice channels called #briefing-room on our Discord. In the future, we hope to have a way to consolidate everything into one system.

What to communicate with vFSS

Just like in real life, you can send us PIREP reports with as many weather related information as you can. You can also ask us for a 1-on-1 Meteorological Consultation, Flight Following or even Flight Planning if needed. See our Services section for additional Services we can provide while we are Online. Remember, we are not Virtual Online Air Traffic Control and we can't actually give you instructions on what waypoint next to fly. But we can help you with decision, especially if Hazardous Weather is along your route.

What happens if no vFSS is online?

If we are not online, that's ok. We have got a few automated tools that help you along the way. We built Flight Trackers for Pilots, Virtual Online Air Traffic Control and even for Virtual Airlines. Each of them will give you relevant Alerts, such as if there are real-life SIGMETs or our own products issued and are affecting your Flights.

When to find out if vFSS is going to be Online

We have a Booking system that our Virtual Flight Service Specialists use so that you can see who is Online and where, as well as who is planning to be going Online in the near Future.

Becoming a vFSS

If you are passionate about Aviation and Meteorology and wanted to know how you can become a Virtual Flight Service Specialists for meteoNautics, contact us. We are actively looking for new people to join. Our goal is to have a Universal project in which Live Weather information is available to every Virtual Pilot or Virtual Online Air Traffic Controller.

How meteoNautics makes Weather Forecasts

We use real-life Weather Data to issue our Weather products, such as Weather Radar, Satellite, Current Conditions (METARs) and Computer Forecast Models. It is the expectation that when you use our Services that you also fly in "Live-Weather" mode, no matter what Flight Simulator or Weather add-on you are using. We use our experience in Weather Forecasting to provider these services. To create the Custom Advisories we actually draw the Polygons on a Map! How cool is that?

API Access

To make our Products easily accessible and integratable into the existing Online Flight Simulation Community, we have APIs available that your Virtual Airline, Flight Simulation Tracker or whatever your project is can use. Visit our Developer Platform to learn more.

This site contains content about Flight Simulation and any information displayed here should NOT be used in real-life Aviation.
We don't tell you what to do, we only give advice. Make sure you coordinate anything with ATC first.
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