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We are a community that provides tools for Global Flight Simulation Operations

About meteoNautics

meteoNautics is a 100% FREE service that focuses specifically on Meteorological Flight Operations, Flight Planning and Flight Following for the Online Flight Simulation Community, run by volunteers we call Virtual Flight Service Specialists (vFSS).

Our vFSS can "go Online" for any Flight Information Region (FIR) or Airport in the World and issue a number of Meteorological products. All of our Meteorological Products are available in ICAO/WMO Industry Standard formats and also are integrated with our own Flight Tracker tools so that Virtual Pilots or Virtual Air Traffic Controllers can collaborate and make informed decisions together.

Flight Tracker

Fleet Tracker

Airport Tracker

FIR Tracker

Detailed METAR & TAF

Our Solutions for the Online Flight Simulation Community

We offer a number of FREE services that benefit Virtual Pilots, Virtual Air Traffic Controllers and even Virtual Airlines.

Meteorological Products

Meteorological Products

At the core, we create customized Meteorological Products for the Online Flight Simulation Community. Our Products are global and universal using "Live Weather" data, regardless of the Flight Sim Network.

Flight Tracking

Flight Tracking

We built our own Flight Trackers for Online Flight Simulation Networks that have specific use cases for individual Virtual Pilots, Virtual Air Traffic Control or even Virtual Airlines Fleets.

Virtual Air Traffic Management

Virtual Air Traffic Management

In conjunction with our Flight Trackers we develop tools that help in Virtual Air Traffic Management and Planning, both for Aerodromes or Flight Information Regions (FIR).

Research & Development

Research & Development

We are always experimenting and coming up with new ideas that help Virtual Pilots or Virtual Air Traffic Controllers make the most out of their situational awareness.



meteoNautics is a Global Community. We all come from different backgrounds in which we can learn from each others knowledge & experiences. Sharing is widely encouraged at all times.

FHaving Fun!

Having Fun!

Its important not to forget that this Project is based on a simulation "game". The end goal of meteoNautics is for everybody to have fun!

Become a Virtual Flight Service Specialist (vFSS)

Imagine being able to "Go Online" for any Flight Information Region (FIR) or Airport in the World, no matter how small or big, and issue Weather Forecasts and related products, help Virtual Pilots choose runways when Online Virtual ATC is offline, develop Flight Plans and much more. Your issued Products are instantly seen by other Virtual Pilots or Virtual Air Traffic Controllers and can help them make informed decisions.
Your new Every Day Hobby is just around the corner! »
Flight Simulation Assocation

Flight Simulation Association

meteoNautics is proud to be a partner of the Flight Simulation Association. Its one way how we give back to the Flight Sim Community.

Flight Simulation Association (FSA) is an association of flight simulation pilots, virtual air traffic controllers, and developers and content creators. By joining, members get access to exclusive product discounts, webinars, guides, and the ability to search for and find nearby simmers. Learn more and subscribe at!

This site contains content about Flight Simulation and any information displayed here should NOT be used in real-life Aviation.
We don't tell you what to do, we only give advice. Make sure you coordinate anything with ATC first.
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