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This isn't another Flight Sim Flight Tracker. This Project is specifically focused on Flight Operations. I created meteoNautics as a way to show my passion for Aviation and Meteorology. meteoNautics is run by volunteers, called Virtual Flight Service Specialists (vFSS), who create high quality Weather Information for Online Flight Simulation Networks. Our Services go alongside with what Pilots or Virtual Air Traffic Controllers already use.

Why Online Flight Simulation? Many Flight Simmers are flying with real-world weather conditions. By using live Aircraft positions on these networks we can pin point Aircraft flying into dangerous weather situations. Even though there are many Flight Sim tools out there that allow you to overlay Weather Radar and SIGMETs etc, we add additional "nowcasts" that can be especially useful, not only during Flight Planning before your departure, but also en-route. As of May 2021 we are also experimenting around with a "Convective Outlook" across Europe.

Although we build a few tools that automate the process for finding hazardous weather along your route, our Services are all done manually, on our own time. Often we focus specifically on Online Flight Simulation events.

All of our decisions are based on real-world live Weather. We don't inject Weather into Flight Simulators. What we see in the real-world might be different then what is depicted in the Flight Simulator and additionaly be different then what Online Virtual Air Traffic Control sees. That is why we don't tell you what to do. We only give advice. Any information you receive is for you to decide. Always communicate with Online Virtual Air Traffic Control.

Hoppie ACARS

We participate on the HOPPIE ACARS Network. With more and more Aircraft addons supporting this Network we can send messages directly to Pilots in their Virtual Cockpits or EFBs, asking them how the weather is along the route as well as allowing Pilots to send "PIREPS" to us. We are active (or you can send us a message) under the following Name on Hoppie ACARS: METEON

We also have a Virtual Airline

What would be the fun without being able to fly as well? We are planning on doing Research Flights within Active Weather Zones to see how Flight Simulation and Live Weather addons handle the expected weather conditions in an effort to help improve them. This "Virtual Airline" is going to operate on Online Flight Simulation Networks under the following information:

Airline: Meteorological Research Flight
Callsign: METMAN

Flight Simulation Association

meteoNautics is proud to be a partner of the Flight Simulation Association. Its one way how we give back to the Flight Sim Community.

Flight Simulation Association (FSA) is an association of flight simulation pilots, virtual air traffic controllers, and developers and content creators. By joining, members get access to exclusive product discounts, webinars, guides, and the ability to search for and find nearby simmers. Learn more and subscribe at www.flightsimassociation.com!

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The following sources and APIs are being used to power the features on this site:

Infinite Flight
Data from the Flight Plan Database
Aviation Weather Center
This site contains content about Flight Simulation and any information displayed here should NOT be used in real-life Aviation.
We don't tell you what to do, we only give advice. Make sure you coordinate anything with ATC first.
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