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To make meteoNautics even easier to integrate with the existing Online Flight Simulation Community, we offer a REST based API that returns many of our core features in a easy to read JSON output. This allows integration into any Application imaginable, such as Virtual Airline Managers, Online Air Traffic Control Software, Flight Trackers or even inside Aircraft add-ons itself.

To access any of the APIs you have to do a GET with the following root URL:


meteoNautics APIs

Choose the API below that you want to learn more about. Each documentation contains everything you need to access the data. And its really easy, I promise!

Custom Advisories API

Get full Data of active Custom Advisories.

See Documentation »

Airport Nowcast API

Get full Data of active Airport Nowcasts.

See Documentation »


Get full data of PIREPs submitted by virtual pilots.

See Documentation »

vFSS Online API

See which of our vFSS are online.

See Documentation »

Bookings API

Find out when/where our vFSS are going to be online.

See Documentation »

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Stuck on something or have questions? Don't worry, we are here to help! Join our Discord and go ask a question in the #api channel.

We also have additional documentation in our Github repositories, where you can create issues and discussion as well.

API Changelog

You can see all the recent changes of the meteoNautics API in our API Changelog page.

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